Time to Relax 100% pure essential oil blend creates a synergy of effects due to the combination of 100% essential oils in this must have blend for deep relaxation


This very special Time to Relax Essential Oi promotes a deeply relaxed state while uplifting. If you need to feel up lifted or relaxed it will alter its purpose depending on what your need due to the Lavender.

Frankincense will help if you are distracted and can't concentrate. Sandalwood if you just need to relax


The Best of Australian Made Beauty


Ingredients: 100% Lavender, Sandalwood & frankincense Essential Oil


  • Easy to use
  • Simply put on tissue and inhale
  • Use a few drops every morning in the bottom of the shower and inhale the aromas in the steam of the shower
  • Use in a Vaporiser
  • Put a couple of drops under your pillow to inhale at night











Time to Relax

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