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Eye Care:


Your eyes are the mirror of your soul, a very delicate and often forgotten area that requires specialization.

  • Eye Beautify and Refresh -

Make your eyes your best feature, your brows will be beautifully shaped and tinted to mirror your eyes, your lashes to suit your look, very natural or a rich deeper colour for a more dramatic look. To compliment your beautiful eyes a Youthful Eye Mask treatment will be applied to soften and hydrate fine lines and reduce puffiness. Your eyes will feel refreshed and look great.


  • Intensive Eye Wrinkle Treatment -

The eye area is vulnerable to stress and environmental aggressions. This treatment helps to eliminate under eye puffiness, temporarily soften wrinkles, diminishes fatigue and stress circles under the eyes and improved circulation. This treatment starts with a cleanse, enzyme peel followed by a eye massage and all in one mask helping to improve the cell activity and revitalizing the area. You can also have the option of including this Intensive Eye Wrinkle Treatment for $35 with a Classic Facial.


Eye Care Enhancements:


  • Lash Tint -

Lash Tint will give your eyes more definition emphasising the lashes with intensified colour and enhance your general appearance lasting 4-6 weeks. Great alternative to mascara for anytime of year.

  • Eyebrow Tint -

Eyebrow Tint will greatly define or correct brow shapes and enhance the eye area lasting 4-6 weeks.

  • Private Makeup Tuitions -

Do you feel confident with your make-up application, learn how to apply make-up quickly and effortlessly. 
Skin Sense will show you how to apply make-up like the professionals each and every time.
We can help every woman to look her best by using specific applications and colour techniques. You will look and feel great, and empowered from learning to apply makeup correctly in a personal one-on–one tuition.

  • Facial Waxing -

Shaping Eyebrows: $28.00

Hair Removal/ Waxing Services:


Superior quality Australian Wax is used being designed for optimum effectiveness and comfort.

  • Body Waxing -


1/2 Leg   $35.00

3/4 Leg   $45.00

Full leg   $50.00



Underarm   $26.00

Anchor 1
Anchor 2
Anchor 3

Lip: $15.00

Chin: $15.00  


This is a Fantastic Makeup concept based on Feature Focussing. Natural Compatibles is the Makeup range we Recommend and Use as it is based on the Principles of Art. Natural Compatibles Makeup Harmonises with your Skin Tones which will help you to Look, Feel and know just how Individually Atractive you are. The Shades are Specifically chosen to Compliment your Face and Make You Look Good Every Day, All Day. We define Beauty regardless of age by Feature Focussing leading to Enhanced Self Esteem. Makeup is Visual, so the Results are Instant. It is such a Powerful Tool that you can be feeling tired and unwell but the moment you put on your Natural Compatible Makeup your Whole Outlook Will Change.

  • Glamour & Fashion -

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