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Q.1    Why would you recommend salon products versus supermarket products?
 A.      Your Beauty Therapist is inevitably your Beauty Coach recommending products to suit your skin today. By going to the supermarket and picking products for your own skin you are diagnosing your skin which could be incorrect which could create problems in the skin like breakouts. The products in the supermarket are generally not very active while the products I select for you are 98% active giving your skin loads more benefits. Also the products in the supermarket could have detergents in the skin causing havoc on the skin. Basically you could be accelerating the ageing process and/or creating breakouts in the skin by choosing and using products with ingredients not suitable for your skin.

 Q.2    Can I go out into the sun after being waxed?
 A.      It is recommended to avoid the sun for 24 hours until the pores close otherwise they will get burnt and irritated.

 Q.3    Will my all in one moisturiser and sunscreen be giving me enough protection and moisturising benefits in one product?
 A.      The cosmetics review board wants the customer to be aware there are primary and secondary sunscreens. Primary when your sunscreen is used on its own and secondary when it is contained in the moisturiser. It is recommend to use a primary sunscreen and a primary moisturiser otherwise you a compromising your moisturiser and sunscreen when in one product not giving you the full repair from your moisturiser and protection from your sunscreen.

 Q.4    I would like to order on-line but would like to collect my order. How do I do that and not be charged a delivery fee?
 A.      Simply order on-line and then phone 0404 662 099 or email requesting that you would like to pick up your order, and arrange pick up.

 Q.5    How much can I expect to pay for freight on my order?
 A.      Freight charges are only $12.00.

 Q.6    The Zit Zappa doesn't work for me.
 A.      You need to apply the Zit Zappa as soon as you feel a breakout coming up. That is when it is a blind pimple. Once the pimple comes to a head it is too late to use the Zit Zappa. It is all in the timing.


Q.7    Why should I avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS?
 A.      SLS is known as a detergent. It has the ability to strip the skin of its natural oils leading to skin complaints like excessive dryness or causing the skin to produce more oil leading to skin problems. We ideally want to retain our natural oils in our skin. In this way we are delaying the ageing process by preserving that natural oil.


Q.8    Why is it important to cleanse my skin?
 A.      Cleansing is the first and most important step that you can ever do for your skin. It will remove excess oil and dirt allowing your skin to function at its best. When the skin is able to function at its best it will help to delay the ageing process.


Q.9    Why should I have a Facial?
 A.      It is important to have a facial by qualified Beauty Therapists as we are able to correctly analyse the skin, treat the skin accordingly and recommend a suitable skincare range which will benefit your skin. Your skins needs change season to season so your routine can be modifyied. The treatments you recieve in the salon are intensive treatments designed specifically to treat specific problems.


Q.10    Is it important to have a skincare routine?
 A.      By having a correct skin care routine you are ensuring that you will be treating specific concerns at home in between salon treatments. This home care treatment will support the intense treatments you will recieve at Skin Sense Beauty Therapy.


Q.11    How can I maintain a good skincare routine when products can be so expensive?
 A.      Every one should be able to have good a skin care programme. With Skin Sense Beauty Products every one can afford to have good skin care. Skin Sense Beauty Products is a luxurious range which will give you real results while remaining affordable. Refer to Important Information for a list of all the benefits. Tha Catalogue will show you the skincare range starts from as little as $16.00. Now that's affordable


Q.12    I've been to other salons and my treatment has been constantly interrupted by phone calls. Is Skin Sense the same?
 A.      We are positioned in a quiet peaceful location. You can be guaranteed you are our priority with all phones removed from treatments rooms during facials and massages to ensure complete relaxation.





 Q.13    How do I place an order?
 A.      If you are ordering on-line: Simply go to our website and select the items you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. Follow the easy instructions to complete your purchase. Your order will be automatically processes and dispatched by us.

For off-line orders: If you prefer to speak directly to Gidget, you can call us on 0404 662 099 to place an order or discuss an item. Alternately you can email us or just send a letter to 4 Dawson Glen, Heathmont Vic 3135.

You can request a price list either by email or by mail.


Q.14    How do I know my order was received?
 A.      We will confirm receipt of on-line, faxed and mail orders by email. If you don’t receive this confirmation, please contact us via email or by phone.


Q.15    What are my shipping options?
 A.      We use Australia Post to deliver all orders. Please allow 2-3 business days in Victoria and up to 7 business days within Australia. Generally all items are sent in Australia Post postpaks, satchels or cartons. For quicker delivery, you can also request Express Post. This will cost a little extra. Most goods will be dispatched same or next business day.


Q.16    How can I check the status of my order?
 A.      Simply click “Order Tracking” on our website, add your Order number to view the progress of your order.


Q.17    What payment methods do you accept?
 A.      We accept Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard. Your order will be dispatched when payment is received. We also accept bank cheques, money orders and transfers to our bank account.


Q.18    Can I exchange an item or return it?
 A.      Please see our return policy.

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