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  • Body Massage (1 hr) -


Back Treatment:

  • Citrus Back Scrub -

Therapeutic mineral salts, drenched in a divine blend of essential oils have a deep cleansing and supremely relaxing effect removing impurities, polishing away dead cells and stimulating the circulation bringing your skin back to a superb radiance.

  • Back is Beautiful -

Special attention if given to this hard to reach area. Like our Aromatherapy Deep Cleansing Facial but for the Back. This Treatment combines Deep Cleansing and Removal of Impurities while Relaxing Tension in the Back, Neck and Shoulders.



Hand & Foot Therapy:

  • Paraffin Treatment -

Hot paraffin treatments have been used for decades by physiotherapists for those suffering arthritis, bursitis and just even tired swollen feet. 
Hot Paraffin Therapeutic treatments work to relax muscles, ease joint pain, increase circulation, cleanse away impurities and moisturise dry rough skin. 
After your skin is exfoliated and moisturised a warm coating of aromatic paraffin will be applied. This luxurious treatment will leave your skin feeling softer and re-hydrated.





  • Deluxe Aromatherapy Pedicure -

Commences with a Classic Pedicure. Your pedicure will also include a scrub to exfoliate the feet and legs. A soothing massage with a blend of oils designed to help delay skin ageing thanks to their regenerating and anti-oxidant properties, being further infused by an irresistibly warm coating of paraffin - Please bring your open sandals or thongs.

  • Deluxe Facial -

Commencing with the Healing Facial customised to your needs. This treatment involves a fine sheet impregnated with Collagen molded to the contours of the Face, Eyes & Lips. Collagen is a powerful moisturising agent for the external layers of the epidermis, increasing cutaneous tonicity and elasticity. It helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Neck & Decolletage Therapy                                                                                   Because the skin on the neck and décolletage is so thin, it can show age much more quickly than skin on the face – especially in a climate like ours. Yet too many people neglect what lies beneath the jawline. However a well cared for neck and décolletage keeps us looking youthful for longer with non surgical interventions. Combine with the Classic or Deluxe Facials. Includes customised serum and mask.

Fabulous Facials:

At Skin Sense you can expect professional advice and results. After a complete skin analysis and consultation, a precise treatment schedule and home care program will be designed to achieve the visible results you desire. You might be concerned about rosacea, broken capillaries, lose skin, age spots, oiliness, dryness, wrinkles, lack of radiance, sun damage or other concerns. We will customise your treatments just for you. You will see and feel the difference after your first treatment.

  • Essential Teen Facial - 

Specifically for teenage skin to educate and treat. Whether you starting to notice changes to your skin, have acne or congested skin this treatment is for you. Starting with a cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions and purifying healing mask. This treatment will help dissolve and remove the dead skin blocking the pores allowing a normal oil flow.


  •  Enzyme Peel Facial -

This wonderful treatment will gently dissolve and melt away dead skin activated by steam. Improving the quality and tone of your complexion, helping to erase blemishes and lesions, leaving a fresh clean appearance, clears surface flaking, so it clears the pores making a more thorough cleanse. This powerful exfoliating system which will give you remarkable results, cell renewal, smoothing lines, help lessen superficial scarring and lightens pigmentation. Your skin will instantly have a powerful moisture boost. Your quality skincare will penetrate at a much deeper level working more effectively for your skin.




  • Classic Aromatherapy Manicure -

This treatment commences with Professionally shaped nails & tidying of cuticles followed by a luxurious hand massage leaving your skin silky smooth. A buff or polish completes this service.

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  • Aromatherapy Deep Cleansing Facial -

Commences with an Enzyme Peel Facial. Experience the plant and flower aromas in a truly revitalizing facial beginning with a cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions followed by a treatment mask customised for your skin.

  •  Skin Discovery Facial -

The ideal facial as an introduction to facial therapy or prior to make-up application for a special event. Includes an Enzyme Peel Facial and treatment mask.

  •  Healing Facial -

This wonderful Healing Facial starts with a double cleanse then Enzyme Peel to gently dissolve and melt away dead skin activated by steam. Preparing the skin for extractions. Your skin will instantly have a powerful moisture boost from the nourishing effects of healing serums which will deeply penetrate the face, neck and décolletage.    

  •  Classic Facial -

Commences with an Enzyme Peel Facial. A truly luxurious treatment to suit all skin types. A specific line of skin care will be especially selected for you, leaving your skin feeling alive whilst your spirit is relaxed. Includes cleansing, enzyme peel, extractions, as well as imparting nourishing effects through the blissful tension relieving therapeutic massage with specific healing serum including face, neck, décolletage and shoulder massage which will deeply penetrate and activate benefits helping to improve the circulation and the nutrients being transported more effectively as well as improving the underlying muscle tissue giving it that much needed workout, followed by a specific treatment mask. You also can have the option of including your neck and decolletage, an often forgotten about area for a additional $60. This also can be included with any of the Facials listed. It is important to remember that our necks are apart of our face as we expose this area just as much.    






  • Deluxe Aromatherapy Manicure -

Commences with the Classic Manicure. Your treatment will also include exfoliation and a deeply hydrating moisturizing formula with essential oils designed to smooth and protect delicate hand and cuticles and strengthen poor or week nails. This synergistic blend is massaged into the skin which helps delay skin ageing thanks to their regenerating and anti-oxidant properties, which is infused by irresistibly warm coating of paraffin. This treatment is skin refining, hydrating, nourishing for the skin and improves circulation.

  • Classic Aromatherapy Pedicure -

This treatment commences with Professionally shaped nails & tidying of cuticles & removal of dead skin from feet followed by a soothing leg and foot massage to ease and soothe tired and achy feet. A buff or polish completes this service.




Recovery Massage:

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage -

Every Full Body massage will start with an Aromatherapy Foot Spa. While you are immersed in a soothing foot spa you can make your selection of oils from a Massage Menu or we can recommend one to suit your need. We will work with the bulk of your body tissue altering pressure accordingly. You will feel yourself drifting into a deeply relaxed state as tension and stress is eased away from your body. A therapeutic massage assists in restoring the normal functioning of the muscle, nerve circulatory, connective tissue, digestive and lymphatic systems enabling your body and mind to heal itself.


  • Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage (1/2 hr) -

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