Is the Perfect Cleanser for Men. Gently Cleansing including the delicate eye area.

Retaining your natural oils. Cleansing is the first & most important step in your skincare routine. Cleanse twice daily.

Witch Hazel Spritz It’s soothing and refreshing especially for sunburn. It is a good product for men, great for after shaving. Use after cleansing to give better spread & absorption of creams or 

use any time of day as a refresher hydrating the skin.

Use morning & night

Retain your Moisture Every Day. Enjoy a Perfect Complexion.

Moisturiser. A regular Facial will optimise your skin results. Apply 

twice daily after Cleansing & Spritz. It is apart of the Blue Range for Men

Gift Pack For Men Foaming Cleanser, Witch Hazel Spritz Skin Loving Moisturiser

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