Experience the Revitalizing and Uplifting Spritz of Revitalize.

Revitalize is a combination of pure essential oil of Neroli. Neroli so-named from its use by Princess of Nerola, Italy, Orange Blossom, and the Petals of Rose which has been used as a beauty treatment since ancient times. Giving you multiple benefits of strengthening & softens the skin while It is balancing & cooling on the complexion.


It is Alcohol Free Maximizing Moisture to your Skin.

While removing the last traces of cleanser, it also gives you better spread & absorption of creams.


Revitalize is Atomized on the Skin with a Fine-Mist Spray. It is a non-alcoholic Spritz and is Very Convenient to use.


It is Hydrating to the skin replacing moisture lost to the sun & wind. It can be sprayed any time to soothe, refresh & tone.


There is no animal content, no animal testing, no mineral oil, no petrochemicals, no AHA’s, no Fillers or Thickeners & no Harsh Additives


The Best of Australian Made Beauty


Use twice a day after Cleansing


Suitable for Sensitive, Dry & Mature Skins


Ingredients: Orange Blossom, Rose, Aloe Vera











Revitalize Spritz

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