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Lip defining pencil is a proven method of maintaining or restoring a natural, youthful lipline.The lip pencils creamy texture glides on creating a youthful, feminine lip line, as well as preventing feathering or bleeding. These lip pencils acts as a base for longer lasting lipstick.


The colours are suitable for both cool and warm skin tones.

Natural Compatibles lip pencils are the ultimate lip definer that restores youthfulness to the lips which also prevents lipstick bleeding.


  • NC Lip definer pencils create a balanced lip shape ready for colouring in.
  • To redefine, bring forward and make a feature of your lips.
  • To recreate a youthful, feminine appearance be redrawing a fading or thinning lip line.
  • NC Lip Pencils act as a base for longer lasting lipstick.
  • NC Lip filler pencils smudge and create a fuller lip area.

Your ideal lip defining and lipstick colours are determined by your skin tone – warm or cool.

Lip Pencil 1-2

Option 1: Warm Nude
Option 2: Deep Cool
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