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You need the right tools. It is impossible to achieve a polished, attractive Feature Focussing(TM) make-up that stays on all day with cheap make-up applicators. Sponge shadow applicators, big fluffy brushes and splayed eyeline brushes just won't work.
If you are serious about wanting to look geat and cut down application time, then Natural Compatibles encourage you to invest in quality brushes which will last  you a lifetime.
Brushes should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Sponges should be cleaned on a daily basis.

NC sable Lip Brush gives precision application of NC Lipstick creating a professional finish.


The lip brush comes packaged in a gold casing which protects the hair from dust and damage.


Brush Gold Lip

  • Load the brush with lipstick and use as a touch up throughout the day for Superior Coverage.

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