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Eyes are you main communicating feature. Natural Compatibles have created a unique range of earthy matte colours to both harmonise and enhance your eyes. The secret is in the method - combine these colours with Natural Compatibles techniques of feature focussing (TM) using a balance of light and shade. 
These unique colours, have been especially formulated to retain their intense colour and last all day. All eyeshadows are silky smooth with the finest mica. 
Shadows have multiple uses - brows, eyeliner, eye shadow, lifter shadow, blusher.

Eyeshadow 1-6

Option 1: Sheer Pink L1
Option 2: Taupe L2
Option 3: Bubblegum L3
Option 4: Baby Pink L4
Option 5: Peach Pink L6
Option 6: Salmon L7
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